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  • If your in the market of looking for a new car radiator then Mideast Radiators is where you will find the right radiator for your vehicle at the right price. All makes and Model Car Radiators Available.

  • Mideast offers both Onsite and Mobile Car Air conditioning regassing service throughout Melbourne. If your car needs a car air conditioning repair then don't wait any longer. Call Mideast Radiators Today!

  • If your refrigerated vehicle is not cooling as it used to then you need to speak with the Specialist team at Mideast Radiators. We service and repair all types of refrigerated vehicles.

  • Need to get your Car Heater Repaired? If your car heater is not blowing enough hot air or if the hot hair your car heater is blowing is not hot enough then your vehicle is in desperate need of a car heating service.

  • Car Radiators & Car Air Conditioning

  • Mideast Car Radiators, Air Conditioning, Cooling & Heating Service Melbourne

    Mideast Radiators - Air Conditioning, Cooling  & Heating Melbourne

    At Mideast Car Radiators, Air Conditioning & Heating we have over 30 years of experience in the sales, service and maintenance of car radiators, car radiator repairs, car air conditioning repairs, car heating repairs and vehicle refrigeration repairs, service and maintenance. We have a specialised team that has the knowledge, the skills who use the latest equipment to ensure your radiator, car air con system is working to its peak form.

    Whether you are looking for a new car radiators or if your current car radiator is in need of a repair, the Mideast can provide you with the right car radiator repair service or if need be a replacement of your car radiator at the best prices in Australia! No one beats our Prices when it comes to Car Radiators. We stock all makes and model car radiators and deliver throughout Australia.

    Simply give us a call or if your in Melbourne, bring your vehicle to our workshop and let the Mideast Specialists take it from there.

  • When it comes to Car Radiators, Car Air Conditioning, Car Heating or Refrigerated vehicle repairs in Melbourne than Mideast Radiators Cooling and Heating provides you with a specialist team that can repair, regas, maintain and service any vehicle and bring it to its maximum performance. Mideast Radiators, Cooling and Heating is located in Nunawading Melbourne in an environmentally friendly workshop that provides all types of Car Radiators repairs, service and sales as well car air conditioning repairs, car heater repairs and a welcomed Mobile Car Air Conditioning Regas Service in the suburbs of Melbourne. Mideast Radiators provide a top quality service at the right price.

  • Car Radiator Services Include:

    • Changeover radiators
    • Plastic tanks and aluminum radiators
    • All car radiator repairs
    • All Automotive air conditioning service and repairs
    • De-gas and re-gas
    • Re-manufacturing of car Air-conditioning Hoses
    • Supply all cooling system & air-conditioning needs
    • New Radiators & Repairs & heaters.
    • Supply new & change over Radiators
    • Supply new water pumps & thermostats
    • Chemical engine flush out cooling systems
    • All Radiators Brass & Aluminum Repairs Recores, Completes, Repairs.
  • Car Radiators ~ All Makes & Models


    If your searching to replace your radiator then Mideast Radiators offers all Make and Model Radiators at prices that you won't find anywhere in Australia. From Ford Radiators, Holden Radiators, Mazda Radiators, Audi Radiators, Suzuki Radiators, Toyota Radiators and much more. We offer Australia Wide Delivery for all Car Radiators. Visit our Online Radiator Store and find the right car radiator for your vehicle.

  • Car Air Conditioning Services include:

    • Degas & Regas add UV dye
    • New & Re-Manufactured Compressors
    • New Air Condensers & Repairs
    • New TX Valves & filter
    • Make up of all Car Air Conditioning Hoses