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    As the cold winds arise, most drivers in Melbourne start using their car heaters again. It's around this time that car heating efficiency of the car heater comes up again. The most common complaint is that, facing a chilly day, the driver finds their heater not compensating the temperature outside of the vehicle–in other words, not putting out hot air.

  • The thing is, the very method that is used to warm a car’s interior atmosphere is not a whole lot different than that used to keep its engine cool. Car heater mechanic repairs are done widely in Melbourne city, and we pride ourselves on the long journey of high-quality service.

    The two processes (car heating and engine cooling) actually run though the same circuit. Coolant revolves through the engine, absorbing the heat, which is exchanged with the outside air through the functions of the radiator. The heater is a much smaller radiator that uses the same hot coolant to keep the car’s cabin warm. Thus, the problem with your car’s heating system is sometimes mistakenly diagnosed. Sometimes it is related to the engine’s temperature.  As the thermostat begins to wear out, it starts preventing the coolant from getting warm enough to heat the cabin. It is a 20-miniute job to replace a broken thermostat, and it is daily practiced at our workshop.

    If the thermostat is functioning well, the second most common problem would be the possible restriction of coolant flow in the heater core. Sediment and grime may accumulate through the heater core, which would require a flush by disconnecting the heater hoses at the water pump, and pushing the coolant and gunk out the inlet hose using compressed air. The process is commonly practiced, and you need not to worry about your car’s condition after the maintenance session.

    We have been in the business of car heater repairs and maintenance throughout Melbourne for many years.  We have had the pleasure of serving all kinds of clients and vehicles; and we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver according to each case’s specific needs. Our mechanic specialists in Melbourne are experienced with a wide range of brands and vehicles; they have come across the most common and uncommon issues, concerning car heaters; and the long process of trial and error has granted our work the current, top-notch quality we produce.

    We promise to deliver with regards to your highest benefit, and our prices will also be within your convenience and budget.  Our long journey through the field of car heater maintenance has granted us the skills to serve our clients with adequate, client-friendly manner; and in response, we have had the pleasure of receiving the sincere satisfaction from our customers.