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  • Why it’s better to Have Your Car Air Conditioning Checked | Recharge, Regas, Service & Repair with Mideast.

    It’s no question that most drivers relish the benefits of car air conditioning during a hot summer day, but air con can also be quite effective in winter to demist your windscreen. With that being said, your car’s air conditioning system, just like any other part of your car, requires regular attention and maintenance to ensure its efficiency.

    As a driver, you should be aware that over 10% of your car’s air conditioning gas permeates from the air-con system every passing year, which means that it may not function as well as it should. Most car manufacturers recommend car re-gassing for air conditioning systems every two years. As such service in not entirely a part of your routine vehicle servicing, your car is probably in need of air-con recharge if it’s two years old or more.

    We pride ourselves on our car air conditioning services throughout Melbourne. We do offer onsite and mobile car re-gassing services, check air conditioning system for any possible leaks and grant our customers the kind of maintenance and repair that is most applicable to their car. Our services extend over Mitcham, Forest Hill, Blackburn, Nunawading, Melbourne city and more. Our superb expertise in the field is merely a result of our clients’ satisfaction with what we do and the ability to deliver according to each client’s needs.

    When it comes to the recharging process, it is quite simple: it involves removing old refrigerant gas and oil from your car air conditioning system and replacing it with the proper amount of new refrigerant and lubricant, according to your car manufacturer’s recommendation. A vacuum test follows the recharging process to ensure there are no cracks in your air conditioning system that could damage it or cause the gas to leak out.  Within less than an hour, the whole recharging process would be completed and you’d have once again refreshing cool air on demand.

    We may also include a system de-bug to clean bacterial build-up within your car air conditioning system and remove any unpleasant odours that should occur. After all is done, our trained technicians will do a follow-up check to show you the difference in your car air conditioning system before and after the maintenance.  
    Note that air conditioning systems that do not apply to maintenance on regular basis function less effectively and require a rigorous process to produce cool air; which results in putting more strain on your car’s engine and consuming more fuel. If your air conditioning system has not been properly recharged in the past two years, chances are that its production would be dramatically regressing.

    If you determine to choose our services, we promise to exercise professionalism through our conduct, with regard to your vehicle’s specific needs and requirements. Our technicians are experts in the field of maintenance and repairs; with many years of service that receive the sincere appreciation of our clients.